Zoom 💬

COVID-19 has brought very trying times to millions all over the world. For a select few companies it has given them an opportunity to shine.

Unlike the more obvious medical firms working tirelessly to produce testing kits and potential vaccines. We also have firms that support and enable remote working.

Zoom has attracted the lions share when it comes to remote working solutions, quick and easy video chat which is free to get started. Similar to Slack in terms of a free entry tier and helping aid companies keep in touch, Zoom has found an extra special niche by becoming the go to solution for many when they want a video chat.

In the last six month Zoom has been hit by the virus and then became beloved by users and investors alike.

But look closely and you can see a recent dip. The connection hasn’t been strong for everyone.

The new allegations of securities issues is start to shake some investors. The CEO has done a public apology but not everyone is taking that at face value.

Rumours of known issues been avoided and buried have caused a recent dip. However, news is temporary, what are the fundamentals telling us?

This is a really special security. One of the highest quality scores (very high future earnings, and high margins) with almost the very worst value out of 5,438 stocks around the world! Swinging back the other way they have close to the best future momentum projections as well, seeming loved by wall street analysts.

An expensive stock to pick up right now, driven by the short term hype, but with strong fundamentals and future promise, is the expensive price justified?

We’ll be watching this one closely as the virus burns out across the world, will the earning predictions come true, will they cope with the increase load, what will become of the lawsuit? A lot of questions and growing unknowns, but for today a critical part of many companies and governments toolkit.