Wisealpha Partnership


I just had a thought about a partnership idea.

I am a user of a company called Wisealpha Platform (www.wisealpha.com) and also an investor via Crowdcube.

They offer corporate bonds (Fractional) and are currently the only one offering such.

I think a partnership would be great between both entities.

I am imagining getting company data and all information required to invest in a bond from GI. That will be super.


Always great to see potential partnerships, we’ll check them out and see where we can fit in.

Been able to expand the securities we can assess is always good!


I believe it will be a super fit as Wisealpha is building the infrastructure to offer corporate bonds to retail investors through banks and other fintech companies. They will become the “FTSE” for corporate bonds according to their plans. GI will be ahead of the curve providing information for such companies who have their bonds listed.

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I saw this tweet https://twitter.com/ICEDataServices/status/1291841235896983554 regarding Corporate bonds.

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