Will the ECB live up to investor expectations? For all his tough talk, can Donald Trump lower drug prices?

• Eurozone bond markets have staged a powerful rally since the ECB chief indicated last month that a fresh round of easing measures is on the way.
• Investors are betting heavily on interest-rate cuts as early as this week and quantitative easing, later in the year, if a July rate cut fails to materialize, Mr Draghi’s forward guidance will be crucial.
• IMF highlighted the ructions between US and China have dragged the growth of global economy, Central Banks are shifting toward monetary easing to cushion a global slowdown sparked by trade tensions.
• With a mixed bag of signals to digest, a major shift in the Fund’s July update is not expected, but a consensus forecast points to global growth of 3.3 per cent in 2019 in line with the IMF’s estimate.

• US politicians’ tough talk on drug prices has moved markets but made no real difference in how much patients pay at the pharmacy.
• Rebate reforms failed, putting pressure on Trump administration and Congress to reach a deal that will lower voters’ drug costs before the next election.
• The unlikelihood of a bipartisan deal may push Mr. Trump takes executive action to force through changes before the election. A radical plan by Democrat is likely to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry.
• Democratic candidates have unveiled plans that could dramatically change the way drugmakers do business. Bernie Sanders spearheaded three bills targeting drug prices in January, including pegging prices to five developed countries and allowing Medicare negotiation and importation from Canada and other major countries. Which plans do you like better?