What's your best / worst investment?

I’ve just finished updating my portfolio in the GI app which had me reflecting on my investments so I thought I’d see if anyone fancied sharing theirs too.

Best investment :muscle:

Diageo - up 23%

Why I invested - Diageo has something that looks a lot like a monopoly on the alcohol market, especially premium brands.

Worst investment :weary:

Funding Circle - down ~70%

I invested in solidarity with a FinTech business & to keep an eye on what they were doing. It turns out the answer is: not so well, for example they’ve cut their revenue forecasts significantlt. We’ve chatted more about their news here: Funding Circle ⭕


A favourite topic of mine :joy:

Best Investment :tada:
Electronic Arts - Exited +120%~

As someone who loves gaming I was already following the industry. A few years back I saw their move into recurring revenue and saw a growing trend in around micro-payments (not so micro anymore!) I held Take Two Interactive and Activision Blizzard, but EA was the jewel for me!

I saw similar volatility and growth from Smith and Wesson, but I didn’t feel great about that investment and sold that in favour of some more EA.

Worst Investment :skull:
Beyond Meat - Still Holding -27%

Normally I am very strict about setting stop losses to protect myself when I’m not actively looking at the market. However, my current broker doesn’t allow for stop losses on US stocks! Normally a 10% drop will trigger a sell, however my US stocks don’t have that in place :sob:


Not a specific stock, but opened 16 years ago an offshore private pension via Royal Skandia, which then got acquired by Old Mutual Wealth.

Absolute shambolic service, impossible to get hold off on the phone, don’t have a digital account, so either have to contact them or wait until year-end to get a statement.

Fund performance is shocking, in order to change fund they point you to a site with 100s of PDF fact sheets that you one-by-one have to review with no way of filtering it or analysing it.

I am so dissatisfied, I want to leave, yet the exit charges add up to 12% of total value of my pot - and I have a lot of money there. My IFA is raising a formal complaint with them and considers taking them to the ombudsman.

Stay away from Old Mutual or Quilter.


Sometimes it’s really down to a mindset of serving customers better. Sadly these businesses are run for investors who don’t care about customers that much


One of the proudest:

New Oriental, an education firm based in China.

Started first purchase back in around 2012 literally because I learnt all my English there as a child :joy:

Great brand great service and great management

It still ranks very high now on quality and momentum even though value is ranking low

One of the worst:

Acacia Mining, a gold firm based in Tanzania

Did poorly because it got into trouble with Tanzanian government and key management departed. It actually ranks high now on value and momentum so something is going on there :thinking::thinking:

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Best one: Canopy Growth back in May 2016 when legal Cannabis was still in its infancy. And not having sold any shares until Jan 2018.

Worst one: many :wink:


You did well to spot the bubble (at least in some instances, in my opinion), before it was a bubble there :smile:

What made you invest?

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Best investment - BrewDog (up over 40x on my initial investment). I invested because I loved the beer and what they were doing at the time. Unfortunately I only invested enough to get the discounts as I figured they would pay for the investment over the long-term!

Worst investment - Hop Stuff (went into administration recently, so 42% loss as I will recover a bit from EIS and loss-relief). I invested because I used to live next door to the original brewery and thought I’d add to my craft beer portfolio ie BrewDog


Best investment Boohoo - 200% profit.
Worst investment - Too many, thank goodness for stop loss!!


one of my luckiest ones is Disney.

that was back in 2011 in my finance class, the professor invited back then CFO of Marvel in to give a talk on merger & acquisitions and intangible assets accounting.

it was just after Disney bought Marvel I remember

and this guy gave a great talk about intellectual property and how great Marvel’s IP was

so I went ahead and bought some Disney shares without knowing much about all those superhero figures

and I didn’t even know what Pixar was at the time!

still hold it to today

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Too complicated for my brain :joy:

Speaking of alcohol consumption, another company I used to own and regretted selling out is Diageo, a rather boring yet superbly stable company.

Tech and consumer companies are two sectors where the chance of having a multi bagger is much higher than others I found out.

Healthcare is another sector but it is too complicated for me, too many medical terminologies


I like Diageo too, it is relatively stable for a consumer-focused company - it lost about 30% during the GFC and then rebounded pretty quickly relative to other companies in the wider consumer sector suffered a lot worse