What's in your Watchlist?

Right now my Watchlist is made up of the securities that I was keeping an eye on before I joined GI.


There’s a few things I’ve spotted, just by looking at the ‘shields’ on this screen -

The tech stocks are ranking poorly based on value so if I’d invested, I’d be looking into whether I should sell them. That needs to be weighed against Slack’s high momentum ranking and Twitter’s high value ranking though.

It’d be good to have few more gold shields (these are the securities that’re ranked in the top 20% of our universe), in the list…I generally wouldn’t make an investment unless the security has at least one gold shield. But obviously even then, I’d do some more research before I make the call.

Let me know what you think of my choices :smile:


It’s not very diverse :sweat_smile:

Not many sectors and it’s very UK and US orientated

Not interested in ethical investing?


I should have said, this is just a list of securities that I’m following, not a model portfolio :see_no_evil:

I’d definitely want to diversify more and add some ethical investments, among other things, for my portfolio.

A mix of securities I’ve invested in and companies I use when I do testing!

Apple I don’t hold but I use it when I’m doing tests around the gold shields (the gold edges around Quality and Momentum), plus they have a long history for any historic calculations we do.

Beyond Meat I sadly hold. I like to have it to remind me about rash un-researched decisions :joy:

City of London Investment Trust, originally did hold but no longer. Recommended to be years ago as one of the solid dividend investment trusts. Long and fairly reliable track record. One of the investment trusts I like to mention to people. Plus useful for any fund testing I’m doing!

Electronic Arts is one of my holdings. One of the oldest holdings I have in terms of always having a place in my DIY portfolios.

Games Workshop, this is an investment I’m been watching for a long time but never purchased. Likely a future investment for me (maybe when I get round to selling out of Beyond Meat.)

Glencore, one of my first holdings in my old (now closed) Interactive Investor account. Seven years ago this stock was all the rage with it’s volatility and excitement. I have it in my watchlist as a reminder of the old days of day trading, plus whenever I speak to ex-colleagues it’s the investment that always comes up!

Telsa, I don’t hold and I’m not sure I ever will. I love what the company is doing, I love the drive to innovate everything by Musk. However, I can’t pin the price movements on anything rational. It’s the stock that does whatever it wants!

I have more investments but this is what I have in my watchlist at the moment!


I have only invested in ETFs so far, feel like I need to bulk up that first before I start investing in individual shares.


I’d always start with a solid base of reliable funds. My ISA portfolio is 70/30 in terms of funds to direct equity. :safety_vest:

Overall it’s an equity heavy portfolio but I get the majority of exposure through my fund selection, making sure they don’t have too much cross over.

The stock picks are more firms I am passionate about, stuff I find exciting, and it adds a bit more volatility to some of my safe and slow funds. :roller_coaster:

Direct equity is far more time consuming, I do find it more exciting, but ultimately you need to ask yourself what is the purpose of this portfolio. Are you trying to have reliable long term growth, or the thrill of volatile investments. I try to strike a healthy balance!

I’d say 50% of my portfolio is very unremarkable, which is why I don’t really talk about it as much. When really this is the cornerstone of my long term strategy! :older_man:

Myself and Yuchen did a very entertaining talk at KCL about portfolio planning and allocation. It might be the kind of talk to repeat and share on here, something for us to think about.