What other Collections you want us to create?

It’s been just a couple of days since we are able to see in-app usage details at a granular level. It’s very interesting to see what Collections you interacted with the most.

Stock Collection usage (basing everything against 100)


Fund Collection usage (basing everything against 100)

chart (1)

You interacted with “Invest like Buffet” and “Freetrade universe” (tieing with Emerging tech) the most in each of Stock and Fund Collection.

It’d be super useful if you could let us know:

  1. How do you like our Collections so far? Anything you like the most, or anything that is a bit confusing to you?

  2. What other Collections you’d want us to create by default inside the app?


FreeTrAde universe for stocks, not just funds.

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Stocks in indices:

  • FTSE100
  • FTSE250
  • STOXX50
  • STOXX600