We've made it easier to refer friends & get up to a 1 year Premium subscription

Yesterday we revealed the new version of our referral feature, which gives every GI customer a unique link to share with their friends when they refer them to GI.

When you refer someone, you’ll both receive 1 months access to our Premium features, as soon as your friend creates their account. You could also win a 1 year Premium subscription in our weekly prize draw.

Based on your feedback, we’ve made the process for claiming rewards much easier for referees, who no longer need to send us a message in the in-app chat, with the name or email address of the person who’d referred them.

That also means that you can share these links publicly, without having to share your full name or email address, in case you like to maintain an air of mystery :eyes:

You should have received an email yesterday with your unique link. But if you didn’t, you can generate yours here -

There’s also a link to this page in the Home tab of the app.

We wanted to create this as quickly as possible, which is why it’s 100% web based at the moment. But we’re planning to enable you to get your link in the app later.

If you have any more feedback about how you’ve got on with this, we’d love to hear it!


Really sweet job. Sent it to a few mates.

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