Vegan food

We’ve all seen the (potentially overblown), success of Beyond Meat lately and there’s obviously a trend towards meat alternatives / vegan food at the moment. So this story in the FT caught my eye (Google the title & click through to get around the paywall) -

Hamilton is backing a new restaurant group that aims to be the world’s first plant-based burger chain and it turns out that the food will be made using Beyond Meat’s products. To top it off, they’ll be selling Jaden Smith’s Just Water too.

Beyond Meat have got a lot of stick for their valuation which seems out of proportion given their current sales and the size of the market. But perhaps this is an example of the potential of the market to grow?


I am a carnivore- some would say an omnivore - and there is no denying that. I am reluctant to try Beyond Meat and others, after having previously tried old fashioned alternatives like tofu and the likes.

However, I am also an animal lover and want to leave a healthy planet for my four kids, and am finding that difficult to reconcile with my taste for meat.

Therefore, even a reluctant person like me would consider a viable and tasty alternative, if it would also be for the greater good. I think there is an inevitable movement towards “synthetic” foods, and although beyond meat feels like a bubble at the moment, it is an industry segment I would seriously consider investing in in the future.

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I must admit I was skeptical about whether going vegan would really make that much of a difference or if there were better alternatives but this was being promoted as part of the vegan trend. It looks like my skepticism was misplaced, there’s quite a few stories like this -

I was put off meat substitutes by tofu a while ago too but it does sound like there’s been some big improvements in taste, perhaps that’s because they’ve compromised on healthiness?

Either way, I like the idea of what companies like Just are doing and I’m sure that this food will only get better as interest grows.

It’s not just food. I noticed this while looking for school shoes last week

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