US Elections 🇺🇸 and Your Investments 📈

2020 just couldn’t get any busier, and yet it keeps happening.

Business Insider has pulled a collection of stories together on expert views on the coming election and what it might mean for your investments.

In a growing globalised world, and with close US and UK ties it’s hard to truly separate your investments from what happens across the pond.

We now need to shape and prepare our portfolios for either a painful second (or ongoing in some cases) wave of COVID-19, the potential of a COVID-19 recovery and continued stimulus from governments, and now a major US election.

In such a tense climate and the US facing an increasing number of challenges, we have now seen some very interesting moves where a Tik Tok deal is both being blocked and encouraged by the current US president.

As pressure mounts for a decision to be made and a lot of unknowns, the potential cost is completely unpredictable and changing moment to moment.