Universe for peers?

Hey all! First time poster here: I signed up for annual GI a few months ago now.

Sorry if I’m just not familiar with all the functionality and filters but what I am wondering is;

If I am viewing a stock, I can see the peers, but I can’t filter these peers to a particular universe. Any ideas?

E.g. I am looking at Mercia, and I see the peers listed but I only want to see peers available on Trading 212 for example. Am I missing how I do this? :face_with_monocle:

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Welcome to the community :wave: You’re not missing anything - at the moment there isn’t an option to filter peers. But thanks for letting us know that you’d find that functionality useful, we’ll add your +1 for that.

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Thank you @alexs

Thank you for moving my post too :slight_smile: Originally I put it https://community.genuineimpact.io/c/gi-chat/11 and then moved it to #help but great we have an ideas section!

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