UK economy shrinks for the first time since 2012

A hint of what what to expect from Brexit perhaps?



go get em BOJO!

Mr Javid told the BBC: “I am not expecting a recession at all. And in fact, don’t take my word for it. There’s not a single leading forecaster out there that is expecting a recession, the independent Bank of England is not expecting a recession. And that’s because they know that the fundamentals remain strong.”

Recession imminent then


the balancing factor in the medium term is the cheaper pound which should then attract investments and tourism, but it may take some pain to get there

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Define ‘some’ though

Talking about economics in abstract terms is fine until you consider the human cost ie job losses and an increase in people struggling


I can’t hence I am being pathetically abstract :thinking:

But for UK, as long as it’s open to business, has the rule of law, and encourages innovations, I still very much remain optimistic on the future of this country.

What I do think makes sense for individuals is to increasingly have more non-UK investments or assets, such as buying some gold and hold it in dollars as a diversification hedge.