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On top of moving into groceries and convenience-store deliveries, Uber’s looking into providing a new service, using it’s existing expertise, to help shift workers find work -


I have to say when Uber said they wanted to always part of your life I figured that was just their CEO with marketing talk.

Not sure this is the level of innovation I expect from them but a nice touch and something the competition don’t offer in as much completeness.

A one-click gateway to everything that Uber can offer you.

I’m interested what the plan looks like, they have gotten the massive growth and set themselves up in countless countries, how will they monetise this now they are rooted.

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Uber’s not been granted a private hire vehicle license again, due to safety concerns -

quote from the Mayor of London’s statement on the decision


Here’s Uber’s response, with a link to this webpage.

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This is a pretty significant change of approach for Uber - voluntarily sharing data about their issues transparently. Presumably they wanted to preempt being forced to make disclosures by regulators. I’m surprised that they’ve not (yet) produced a similar report for the UK, given that safety concerns were the reason why their license wasn’t renewed by TfL but I expect they will.

Looking at the bigger picture, I think that more positive engagement with regulators & the public like this would benefit them a lot. It also gives them the opportunity to shape the narrative around important issues a lot more.