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Remember when Twitter was 140 characters only and designed to be SMS powered? That a long time ago that feels like.

Sadly this quarter’s numbers have not brought back the same fond memories.

Missing targets is no shock for Q2 companies due to COVID and we can expect a very rough Q3. A growing number of companies are holding back on Q3 estimates due to the unknowns.

Sadly for companies like Twitter which entered the publicly traded world as a flop has a lot of uphill fighting to do.

What was most surprising for me is the alternative revenue streams Twitter is thinking about, this has been mentioned before and it’ll be very interesting to see what their tests look like.

This will likely set the groundwork for other social networks, how can you monetise your users beyond ads and selling data.

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More details on the twitter hack where key figures tweeted out a cryto wallet promising to double the money of anyone who send bitcoins to them.

We know the hack was the result of an internal tool, now we have an idea of the security practices within the walled garden of the company. It’s common for internal tools to be extremely powerful under the principle only the people who know what they are doing can access them, but these leaves companies with massive security holes if the tools can be accessed or compromised. In this case accessed.

Security has been an ongoing issue for Twitter, in the past this was put to the side in favour of profit, something Twitter needs to do again in a hurry.

Employees have raised similar concerns around Twitter’s internal security measures on multiple occasions since at least 2015, including to its board of directors, but fixes were put on the back burner in order to prioritize engineering projects focused on making the company more money, according to Bloomberg.

Twitters external pressures aren’t easing up either.

Trump is a fan of the reach and ease of Twitter but not the platform policies. Recently he has raised concerns that the trending feed is unflattering, something which has been raised by key figures multiple times over the years.

While it’s a throw away comment, it is shifting more focus and news on Twitter when I’m sure they would want a moment to gather their senses.