TransferWise has had another good year, increasing it’s revenue by 53% vs last year.

I’m guessing they’ll go public next year, unless they decide to hold back while they build out their banking service. I hope more of the challenger banks do equally well eventually!


I think the problem Transferwise will face, in the UK anyway, is the neobanks have changed the market. How long will the high street banks change large fees for sending or converting international payments once Monzo (eventually) launch international payments?


Despite all the negative press around Revolut, they did do a superb job in the currency transfer. My go to choice now when I travel. Never used Transferwise.

I was an avid user of TF living in the U.K. and hailing from the Netherlands, but that’s been a long time ago and since all my finance have been in the U.K. for donkeys years, I haven’t had the need to use them for ages. They do feel a bit “old school” now, I would probably use Revolut before them.