Top 3 and insights placement

  1. Can the daily top 3 insights come on top of the website as soon as we open the URL. Currently one has to use a convoluted way of reaching that…
  2. In the app may be you can create a blinker or pop up as soon as we open the app.
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Interesting thought. We will note this down.

Truman, Are you taking this forward sometime soon?

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Afternoon Amo,

I’ve given the website a quick update to jig around where the lasted insights (top 3) show up. It’s now the third item; The introduction, Truman’s explanation of the product, and then the latest insights!

Regarding inside the app notifications, the next design will give you much quicker access from the first page to the latest insight by Genuine Impact :tada:

Push notifications and putting what content matters the most to you front and centre is something I’m keen to achieve. Just need to build it! :hammer_and_wrench:

With the top 3 you can also subscribe to them via Medium if you have an account, you’ll get an update every time we publish something.



Thank you Alister