TLT equivalent for isa


Are there any instruments that are equivalent to TLT and available in either Freetrade isa or T212 isa.

Thank you

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If you filter the All Stocks list, in the Discover tab, then you can create a search for companies within the same sector and the sustainable theme, that’re available from T212 & Freetrade, which has quite a few results.

Is that the sort of thing you were looking for?

Thank you @alexs
I was thinking, returns of these comparable to TLT.

I wish there are symbols displayed with along the name in the screener.
My thinking was, as USD is down may be I could buy some US treasury bonds because I cannot hold USD in ISA.

Any thoughts :slight_smile:

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Do you mean peers to this one? It has the ticker TLT but it’s only available in USA but not UK.

I think IDTG is what you are looking for that gives you GBP share class.

They are the same funds I think just different currency share classes.

How we display funds is to use their main currency which in our case is mostly USD share class. This is why when you search IDTG we can’t find it. Something we need to think about how to make it easier to display the same fund, but with unique ticker for each share class.

Yes something we will look into.

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Thank you. IDTG is available on Freetrade.
IDTG is GBP hedged, not really sure what the hedge does, might not be what I’m after.