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You’ve probably heard of Tickr already but for anyone who hasn’t, they’re a challenger stockbroker that’s currently focused on the popular trend of impact investing. They raised just over £1m from their crowdfunding round back in June.

Tickr offer 4 themes for customers to invest in:

  • Climate change (Global Water & Clean Energy)
  • Disruptive technology (Automation & Robotics, Cybersecurity & Digitalisation)
  • Equality (Ageing Population, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality & Healthcare Innovation)
  • Combination (Global Water, Clean Energy, Automation & Robotics, Digitalisation, Ageing Population & Gender Equality)

At the moment they’re using existing ETFs to enable customers to invest in these themes but they’re currently working on creating their own versions, which will be lower cost.

It’s great to see their focus on ethical investments but I’m not sure whether that will be enough to gain mass market adoption on it’s own. They still face the same challenges as Freetrade, Revolut, Robinhood etc when it comes to persuading people that investing is worthwhile at all. It’s still early days though so no doubt they’re planning to add more to their service.

We’ll share product updates and news about them in this thread :point_down:

To get started, in the last month Tickr’s added:

  • Debit card top-ups
  • Available to withdraw balance
  • More details about companies in the app
  • A new help centre

Someone from Wealthsimple presented at a Finimize event that I went to last night and they mentioned that 25% of their customers invest in their Socially Responsible Investing portfolio so this has more ‘pull’ than I had expected. I guess that explains why Nutmeg featured ethical investing so heavily in their tube ads too.


ESG is a massive growing trend, and has been for the last few years.

FT - ESG investing sparks race in tech and hiring at asset managers

Boring Money also did a fantastic report (which is paid for sorry!) where they asked people’s interest in ESG investments, but they did something (which you might be surprised to here) no one else has done. They asked people with no existing investments.

The outcome was surprising. Existing “veteran” investors, and existing smaller time investors had a small interest in ESG. Notable but it was a mixed bag.

People who hasn’t invested but wanted to get started it was a bigger consideration, suddenly performance and volatility was less important. Finally people with no investment who don’t intend to start anytime showed a huge over 70%+ interest in ESG.

Part of the survey was explaining what ESG was about. In terms of what this means, if you are looking to attract people who have never invested before (the robo target market, they win business from cash savings accounts primarily) using ESG is a massive attraction!

Given the choice of making better returns (potentially) and making a positive impact on the world, it’s clear to see why this message will resonate with a younger audience looking to save and make the most of their money.

I believe ESG will keep growing and more tailored offerings like Tickr will appear. It’ll be a tough market for them but hopefully their own funds will give them greater exposure, but as mentioned with the Boring Money research existing investors aren’t as convinced as the “new money” yet.

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There’s a good story in Forbes about Tickr today, they’re doing a good job of appealing to people who’ve been relatively unlikely to invest until recently -

Forty percent are female, 50% have never invested before, and their average age is 31.


Quite a nice addition to Tickr’s app, they cover relatively few companies so they can share some in-depth research into them.


Tickr have introduced round ups. Link it to your bank account and it will automatically round up your transactions to the nearest pound and invest that extra for you. There’s also a round up multiplier if you want to invest more

Slightly sneaky that the £1 monthly charge isn’t mentioned on the email. I found it at the end of 3 pages of terms and conditions :hushed:


Here’s their email with a couple more details. Anyone going to try this out / request it from their broker?

click the image to read the full email

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Tickr’s been hunted on Product Hunt today :crossed_fingers: