The vaping outcry in the US

Carrying on the conversation from India bans vaping. More surprisingly(?) Walmart’s following suit with the regulators in other countries.

They’ve taken a number of arguably ‘liberal’ decisions like this recently, I wonder how long it’ll be before Trump starts tweeting about them.


Trump’s views on e-cigarettes (as with most things) varies depending on the last thing he has read. Recently his view is being guided by a campaign the First Lady is involved with

Although Walmart banning e-cigarettes for being dangerous while still selling guns… :woman_facepalming:


Trump probably favours a ban as he doesn’t have a stake in a vaping company and their lobby isn’t perhaps as well funded as old-school smoking.


I doubt there’s much the CEO could have done to anticipate the sudden outcry (unless they knew about these health issues already) but I guess this gives the company a chance to claim that they’re dramatically changing their strategy. E.g.

Crosthwaite said he has “long believed in a future where adult smokers overwhelmingly choose alternative products” like Juul but acknowledged “that future is at risk due to unacceptable levels of youth usage and eroding public confidence in our industry.”

The pause on advertising probably reflects the complaints about how popular Juul is with teenagers. But they might also be anticipating being banned from advertising the product if the outcry continues and they carry on, as it’d be a quick win for the regulator.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time for them, just as they were midway through negotiating merger talks. Although I can’t say I feel a lot of sympathy for them.

Looks like the situation isn’t getting any better.

Layoffs and a new claim that Juul knew they were shipping old or contaminated pods.

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