The trade off - can you balance profit & purpose?

Somewhat surprisingly, CFD provide IG’s partnered with the FT for this game. It looks like the FT designed it though and it’s quite a good insight into the challenge that CEOs face balancing the approval of shareholders vs other stakeholders.

You are going to have to balance profit and purpose as you lead FlexBird over the next four years.

Do you prioritise meeting short-term growth targets, or will you take a longer view? What about saving the planet, or doing right by your employees and society at large?

(you can Google “the trade-off ft” & click through to get around the paywall)

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How did everyone else do?

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Here’s how I did -


Apparently I focused too much on growth :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure if this was the FT’s intention but the game does make you think about how hard it is to get the balance right! They did get to mention lots of the cynical ways that companies use ESG related initiatives though..

Nice that you can see what % of players took the same decisions too.

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How painfully average I am :joy:

Favoured long term over growth and social over environmental.

Very fun game and like @alexs said, it really asks some tough questions to make you consider the balance. Well made!