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Hi everyone! Whilst on furlough I’ve decided to be productive and have developed a website for my new blog which focuses on all things investing related.:grin:

Here’s the link if you’re Interested:

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Hi everyone, me again! I’ve posted my portfolio update for May 2020, going into more detail with my future plans. Now I’m going to enjoy the weekend with a few beers in the sun! :beers:

Have a great bank holiday :metal:

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Any stocks you are following for your 40% equity allocation?

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I’ve got a research list of around 50 companies with 29 of them (or soon to be) on Freetrade - photos attached. The rest are other blue chip companies from Europe, Canada & Japan & Korea which aren’t in the Freetrade universe as of yet.

So my focus is on the 29 at the moment. I’m currently re-doing my Fundamental analysis using DCF & P/TBV (P/TBV for banks + Berkshire) taking into account coronavirus etc.

Then it’s just a waiting game until these companies get to a valuation I’m happy with - buying them with a reasonable MOS. I doubt that I’ll own all of the companies on my list but these are all businesses that I feel have a moat & competitive advantage, so in my opinion not a bad place to start!


Thanks for sharing, I had a read and it looks promising.

I’m looking forward to hearing your rational and DD on the individual investments. How far you follow the data, versus your own view on what is defensible and why. It’s all part of the reason why I love investing so much!

Hopefully, our app can help with your analysis and speed it up! :wink:

The Freetrade available list is interesting, a stronger leaning towards quality investments than anything else. That said even within the office we have our own leanings of what factors we follow more closely than others. CAT is an interesting pick and not one on my radar, interested to hear your thoughts on that one!

Looking forward to reading more! :muscle:

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Thank you for the kind words!:muscle:t3:

I’m planning on doing a write up on 3M this week so you’ll see how I usually go about analysing a company.:grin:

CAT is a great business in my opinion and I’ll be looking to add it to my portfolio when the opportunity arises!

It’s definitely exciting times to be an investor.

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Hi everyone, back again! Today’s post is all about Index Funds. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Over the past 100 years the S&P 500 annualised return has been 9.8% so as long as you don’t spend too much time fiddling around with your portfolio you should be fine.

Well said! Problem is many people fiddle around and many asset managers launch random ETFs


NEW BLOG RELEASE👨🏼‍💻- 3M Stock Analysis

I really enjoyed doing this write up yesterday on 3M, who are one of my favourite companies!

To read my full analysis on 3M, hop onto :arrow_down:


glad to see how you think about analysing a company is what we have in our ranking checklist as well


With an entry price of $119.49 this is back in August 2013 when this price was last seen.

Are you planning to setup a limit order to trigger if the price hits, if so how often do you like to revalue the companies?

Right now you’d be looking at a -13.8% drop in share price before buying in.

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I’ve got price alerts from yahoo finance so I’ll be notified when the price gets to where I want it.

I think doing a valuation once per year is reasonable because most of the time things aren’t going to change for companies.

But when Q2 & Q3 earnings come out this year and the companies start giving guidance about earnings. I might do the valuations again and be more conservative. For 3M though their business model shouldn’t be affected like other businesses so I’m pretty confident with my entry price!

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Sounds exciting! Keep us posted and I’m really enjoying the posts!

Looking forward to the next assessment, great work.

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