The Future of Asset Management

I had a four part series on the future of asset management published in Banking Exhange:


Awesome write up @Marsares!

My favourite bit was talking about the factors:

This model holds that if you understand the quality, value, and momentum of a stock via different underlying metrics, you can determine fairly accurately which stocks are likely to perform better than others.


The ending is excellent as well, the large firms can still innovate or even buy up these smaller companies to capture their progress.

It’s interesting that Barclays keeps an eye on FinTechs but internally doesn’t have a FinTech part of Eagle Labs (the have an innovation department that looks for interesting firms but Eagle Labs provides funding and an equity stake.) It seems they are worried they would limit or restrict any financial related innovation with their own policies.

I always point at Octopus as a great example of a company that innovates at scale, but they have a very drastically different culture to most firms.

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Thanks, I could have given Genuine Impact a reference there I think. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I don’t think Barclays is a good case of innovation personally. I know their Rise facility quite well, and although through that accelerator they have invested in tons of startups, they have actually not been successful in bringing these startups internally to assist them with their re-invention.

Most accelerators are nothing but Innovation Theatre - an expensive PR exercise at best. But that’s another long blog post I made a while ago.