The feud at the top of the Credit Suisse

Following on from the WeWork drama, Credit Suisse is facing a scandal that’s even more bizarre. The CEO Tidjane Thiam’s relationship with the head of the bank’s wealth management Iqbal Khan division completely broke down -

Mr Khan alleges a group of three men chased him and his wife through the streets of Zurich by car and on foot, which culminated in a physical confrontation behind the Swiss National Bank.

while Thiam claims that he was alone and it as Khan who confronted him.

They initially fell out due to some disagreements about construction work on a house that Khan was building next door to Thiam and the problems escalated from there.

You’d hope that two heads at a bank could at least keep their relationship civil so the situation getting this out of hand must raise some questions about the governance of the organisation in general?

paywall but you can read the story by Googling the title and clicking through from the search results

The feud at Credit Suisse that has shaken Swiss banking - FT


Pretty shocking -

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That was a quick investigation, with the COO taking the fall. I have a feeling that this isn’t the end of the story -


I might wait for the 3 part mini series on Netflix about this, it deserves one