Testing of Ideas

Keen to know how you are going to test various features. Which feature(s) will make our application go like a lightning. Taking feedback from your current investors is good but they may not be the target audience for the app. They may not be part of the young office going crowd.

  1. Suggest you test out this in your office/other places calling groups of 25 youngsters/mid level executives and do a curated test. With this you will get a faster feedback.
  2. All these experimentation should be under the watchful eyes of your CXO’s.
  3. Once the features are developed again it has to be tested and take a formal feedback. It will really help to fine tune. May be you can do A/B testing also with 50% with new features with a variant and others with new features without the variant. You will be able to exactly identify the key features and functionalities that will take you places.
  4. Only by experimenting/iterating the MVP (Minimum viable product) continually will you be able to get a handle on the drivers.

Very useful and something we will revert back to when we do our next phase of testing.

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Thanks Truman…Appreciate this

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When are you planning to test your features and functionalities

Hi @Amo we are developing them at the moment. We will provide some specific timeframes when we are close :smiley:

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Thanks Truman. Look forward to that