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With Tesla cruising along at all time highs, it’s no surprise they are making the most of it. They are looking to raise $2bn through a stock sale.

On the last earnings call an analyst did ask about another raise. Elon assured them they would carry on within their existing means.

However, now is a very tempting time to raise some new funds and accelerate growth again. It seems that temptation was too great and they have submitted the paperwork for the stock sale.

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Looking at Tesla today in the app, we can see they have an absolutely amazing Momentum ranking.

However, going by the Value it definitely feels like this expectation is priced in.

Normally I would say that a cash injection (if it happens) would give the Quality a healthy improvement, but I expect this money will not see any return for sometime!


Tesla keeps on surprising us all.

There is more than a company here, this feels like a movement that investors are getting behind rather than betting on.


It seems the filling has been accepted by the market as good news. The new stock offering will come in at a discount but the share price hasn’t dropped down to that value, which sometimes can be the case.

However Telsa is never far from making the headlines. This time with delays to their new factory in Germany.

It’s worth noting that the factory hasn’t been accepted yet. They are allowed to clear the ground in anticipation of acceptance, at their own risk. This is a smaller hurdle before making sure they are allowed to start laying the foundations!

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