Talk to us about researching investments

We’re looking for volunteers who can spend 30 minutes checking out some early designs for new features in our app and giving feedback. We’d like to learn more about how you research investments and what’s important to you.

Everyone who takes part will receive a £30 Amazon gift voucher, if you visit our office at Rise London, Hoxton or a £15 Amazon voucher, if you do a screen sharing session with us online.

To volunteer, please complete this form for us and we’ll let you know whether you’ve been chosen in the next couple of days.


Restarting it and got served with the Guide. It’s cracking. Really like it.

What I would like to see, some I know you’re working on anyways:

  • portfolio, also allows to track performance in there and benchmark it against an index - eg S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE 500.
  • news added to Stocks in your portfolio or watchlist, see Atom+, it’s really good.
  • more fundamental data, trend graphs, etc - again see Atom.

I know you want to keep it simple, but some of the graphs or fundamental data may be “hidden” under a drop down menu or something.


Thanks @Marsares well noted. Indeed some of these we are working actively at the moment.

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When is a next release of GI? Keen to get my hands on it and give it a test ride. :+1:t2:

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We will let you know for sure when we are confident to commit to a timeline, meaning right now we can’t :slight_smile:

Sorry but we are rather pragmatic bunch and dislike overpromising.

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Fai enough! Just satisfy my curiosity, what are the main things you’re looking at for the next release?

Some positive feedback on FreeTrade forum. May be useful if you guys post there with what’s next for the app. People seem keen to take up the £10 offer, but so many people aren’t aware of it.

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Thanks for the heads up. We’ll doing lots more to promote the new pricing today!

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We’re reviewing our priorities at the moment so it’s a little bit too soon to say. But we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve decided what’s next.

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