Stripe 💵

I really wish Stripe was a public company :cry:


They are a fantastic company for pushing forward innovation.

It’s interesting that the payment service side of the business is easy to implement and simple to use, but the admin side of things is very traditional. Getting the money is T-7 days standard and you need serious volume to get that number down (versus banking with Barclays and using BarclayCard payment services T-1/3.)

They also had a few issues in the fintech space as Stripe was deducting business fees from the payments they collect. Which when you are dealing with client money is a big no no (voids your CASS rules meaning if you go bust the client money is no longer protected from the administrators.)

However they have been fast to come up with solutions and listen to their customers. They are a very impressive company in terms of picking a vertical, figuring out what is needed, delivering that, seeing what other verticals want that solution.

Great to see them moving into the small business loans space, such a great natural extension. :clap:


Monzo business accounts are planning to add business loans and card payment solutions. Stripe would tick both those boxes. They’ve already partnered with a P2P loan company so it will be interesting to see if Stripe plays a part in their offering

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Especially as Stripe’s invested in Monzo :grin:

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Exactly. It would be a good move for both companies

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That would be a great merger between the two. Give business customers faster payment clearing if they are a Monzo customer and then work an affiliate deal between the two.

That would be a very powerful offering for a lot of businesses that need payment services. Given Monzo is a bank they can even assist with the business KYC!


And throw GoCardless into the mix as well :woman_shrugging:



Their service to compete with Brex.

Brex is an unfortunate name at the moment

“I’m not paying by cash, i’ll just Brex it”


They actually used that for an advertising campaign. It’s probably fortunate that they did the campaign in the US rather than the UK..

Nothing says guaranteed to be an easy, strong and stable solution like a Brexit tag line does :see_no_evil:

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I guess Stripe won’t be going public for a little while longer then -

We’ve also heard that SoftBank is considering an investment. “It was a big miss when SoftBank didn’t invest two years ago,”

I wonder how the recent WeWork debacle will affect SoftBank moving forward?

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I think the total fund is still making a crazy return, something like 50% or more, even though it’s on paper gain only. So perhaps they can get away with wework itself