Star holdings - filter by universe

I’ve been using the portfolios and trying to optimise my holdings to have all star holdings. However this really difficult when you can’t filter by universe. A lot of the suggested star holdings aren’t available on the trading platform I use.

Unless this can be done and I am missing it!

Another improvement is being able to ‘accept’ the star holding and swap it within the portfolio without having to remove and add holdings etc.


At the moment you can filter the all stocks / funds list by broker, using the Available On filter. Then you can pick the top ranking stocks / funds to add to your portfolio. Quick tip - I generally find that it’s easier to add them to my watchlist and then add them to my portfolio. Hopefully that’s what you were looking for?

Cool idea, thanks!

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Hey @krr13 - This is exactly why I suggested something similar here:

I have a waterfall method now of using Trading 212 for auto-invest where I will swap in star holdings, and anything not on T212 I will use Freetrade. There are a couple of star holdings not on either, but being able to ensure star holdings suggested are on a certain platform is ideal :slight_smile:

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