Stake 🥩

I missed this but Aussie broker Stake launched in the UK on the 12th.

Like Revolut, they’re using Drivewealth to power their trades so you have access to the same universe. It looks like a pretty slick app.

I like the transparent pricing, including for fx, although I’m not a fan of the fee to complete your W8-BEN.

I paid the $2 express fee but the email confirmation for my transfer says it’ll arrive on Monday too :thinking: The Finextra story says that users need to deposit £100 to trade too. Anyway, I’m sure they’re just getting started here.

Competition’s among brokers is definitely heating up in the UK!


I found that odd as well, suppose it is a international transfer.

They charge you a fee for direct transfers as well

The app looks decent.

Has anyone tried buying one of the US ETF’s like ARK? Asking because it’s listed but don’t know if it fails for European investors. Don’t worry, they’ve updated it to

Just need to win the lotto now :sweat_smile:

( edit ) Link to Stake Accredited Investor – MiFID Client Categorisation Policy