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Welcome to the Genuine Impact Community forum! :tada:

I just wanted to start by kicking off a welcome topic where you can introduce yourself to the team and everyone else. :cowboy_hat_face:

A little bit about me, my name is Al :uk: and I am the CTO/Co-Founder at Genuine Impact. I’m super excited to be helping people make better long term investment decisions :chart_with_upwards_trend:, something I’ve personally faced :eyes: and seen as a real issue.

For a quirky/interesting fact :bulb:, I had one of the first ten published widgets on MySpace :scream: it was a simple widget that showed a random Family Guy quote. Turns out they were releasing the widget store without telling any of the app developers so I woke up to it being installed by 10,000 people for no real reason. :man_shrugging:

Please introduce yourself and welcome to the community!

Glad to have you here. :love_letter:



Hi there, Truman here, one of the 3 co-founders and CEO of Genuine Impact. Trained as an equity analyst in large institutions. Found out there was nothing mysterious about it so decided to make “institutional investing” uber transparent, convenient and efficient to use for every single one of us who loves investing and wants to have better control of our investment decision-making.

Fun fact about me, being Chinese ethnicity myself, I am one of the 55 minority groups in China. I am a Daur person myself. According to Wikipedia, only 130k of us left :scream:


I am Ajirioghene Anthony but everyone calls me Ajay. I am a Dad; Physicist; Systems Engineer; RAF Veteran; Crowdcube investor and Blockchain enthusiast. I love football and support Arsenal.


Our COO @yuchen.xia is your good Arsenal friend :smiley:

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@yuchen.xia great to know! All gooners in the house come on out!

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Welcome to the community Ajay! Always pleasure to meet a fellow gooner#COYG:soccer::grinning: @Sydriq


I am Martijn, Dutch but have lived the last 18 years in the U.K. in London and then Derbyshire.

Am first and foremost a husband and a dad of three little boys - with a fourth son in the way. There is nothing better than being a dad. Other than that, am a Group Strategy Director for one of the biggest asset managers in the world.

Don’t have much spare time as I spend every spare moment with my wife and kids, but when I can I like to exercise, and love reading and history although I rarely have time for the latter two!

Excited about the Genuine Impact journey ahead. Found you guys after investing heavily in FreeTrade and it seems a natural fit. Also invested in Chip and MarketsFlow, and sit on five advisory boards, including two FinTechs.


Hoi @Marsares !

All the fintech names you have down here are our role-models :smiley:


Great minds think alike.

Unwittingly I build an investment ecosystem for myself:

Save money effortlessly with Chip, of that stick 80% in the MarketsFlow High Growth Portfolio and let them do the work, stick the remaining 20% in FreeTrade for a bit of fun DIY investing by picking stocks throughout Genuine Impact.

That’s the idea at least. :grin:

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I guess that infers you choose us over your Bloomberg :face_with_monocle:

We are not there yet :sleepy:

But you will get there.

Plus you will be available to the masses for a fraction of a Bloomberg terminal.