Robinhood UK 🏹

Nice! Their referral links seem to be broken so I had to just use instead.

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No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

I spotted this elsewhere, they have TechCrunch coverage

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Very exiting to see what these guys will bring to the UK.

There will be some business model challenges and they are being extremely tight lipped about how they have overcome these. They also have US agreements which will be carrying over (additional investor protection) which hopefully we never has to see in action but I’ll be interested to know how this works in practice.

Sadly there isn’t a lot of information about what terms and agreements this platform will have, so I don’t have any extra insight there.

I’ve keen to understand how they are handling the regulation differences, especially around responsibility and compliance, where the two countries do have more meaningful differences.

As always, I love to see more competition in this space, more pricing pressure on brokers, more innovation both in terms of pricing and what to offer customers. I don’t think we’ll end up in a world of commission free being standard, but I do see a situation where you go to a broker who charges commission for additional perks or benefits. In short more choice for customers.

I’ve heard lots of mutterings about people who have interviewed with Robinhood UK and it all sounded very standard, which makes me even more curious about the business strategy. Is it really get the customers and then figure it out? They have to money to take that kind of risk to just get market share, but the other major brokers have deep war chests too.

A great time to be a DIY investors in terms of broker choice!


“Early 2020” is apparently Q1 2020.

Robinhood Plans Free U.K. Stock-Trading Launch in First Quarter - Bloomberg

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Robinhood’s just added an impressive looking collection of analysis / insights features to their app. I’m not sure they’ll make it into the UK app when it launches but looking forward to trying it at some point.


Much to like their although I am always sceptical around crowdsourcing financial advice, in particular when it comes to stock.

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Confirmation (it is the first day of Q2 after all), that the Robinhood launch has been delayed. Although apparently not because of Coronavirus or Brexit :thinking:

A bit of a “no sh!t, Sherlock” news article.

  • “We are going to launch in Q1”
  • Hey, RobinHood, its now 1st April
  • “We are delayed”

Gutted though, it’s the one broker I am waiting for that seems to meet all my criteria, although allegedly they wouldn’t have an ISA at launch so I’d have to wait till they had sorted that out.

Any idea on a new ETA, article didn’t mention.


Can’t find any updated ETAs, looks this article is the only one, they must have contacted them a few days ago to check.

I’m guessing as a firm they are extremely busy, probably just a question of priorities, or maybe delayed by third parties. Hopefully they are using the extra time well!


Assuming this is correct, it looks likely that they’ll launch within the next 4 months -


Interesting find, thank you. Suppose they’ll crack that, as they see the U.K. as the most important market in their international expansion.


No mention of international expansion

Still, a big amount to raise, hopefully this can help with their expansion plans.

Odd how quiet they remain about their planned U.K. expansion.

Sad news for anyone waiting for Robinhood to come to the UK.

Looks like this won’t be happening any time soon. I wonder what made them pull their plans when brokers do well in volatile times.