Referral say what?!

I think Genuine Impact is missing a trick.

I’ve had to hunt high and low for the referral link to give to someone. I looked in my account area, then finally found it scrolling down the Home tab and scrolling and scrolling…

Then I had to enter my email address to generate the unique link, to then share.

If you wish to avoid giving out free subscriptions based on referrals, I understand, but you should still remove barriers to referrals :slight_smile: I almost gave up.

However troublesome it is to get the link, it’s quick and simple once someone uses it :slight_smile:

4 new users yesterday from my referral :slight_smile:

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Hey Jase,

Thanks for the feedback on referrals! We’ve actually just updated the app so the referrals should be easier to find than ever - you can now click on the pink unlock button on your homepage to access your referral link.

Glad to hear it all went smoothly after finding your link - thanks for referring people to Genuine Impact!

Let me know if you have any more feedback, we’re continuously improving our referrals process.

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@mollylongden - I did see this and since then have referred another 2, giving me 6 months free.

I still think you should just make an API call with the user’s email address to return the link. That new button makes it easy to find, but you still need to enter an email address matching your GI account to get the link. Feels like a half step but it’s better moving forward than back. :fast_forward::fast_forward::fast_forward:

Great to hear! Thanks for the feedback, we agree. Watch this (referral) space as we are making the process as smooth as possible over the coming weeks!

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Superstars! Also, I signed up on an amazingly good deal for yearly pricing so I’d like to forfeit my free months.

I doubt the ability to forfeit pro months should be built in but happy for you to cancel them out on my side while leaving my referees to experience pro for their month. :slight_smile: