🎁 Refer a friend and get free premium: feedback

You may have seen in the app that we are introducing a referral feature. We’d love to hear how you think about it. Is the process simple and easy enough for you? Is the reward clear and attractive?

3 key things.

  1. What do you get if you refer a friend?

Both get a guaranteed 1 month premium when your friend signs up. We also do a weekly prize draw and winners will get 1 year premium.

  1. What to do if you want to refer a friend?

Sent this link to them: https://www.genuineimpact.io/refer and that’s it.

  1. What should your friend do?

Sign up, open a chat with us, and tell us your name, so that we know it’s you that referred them.

Where to find the details in the app?

As you see, it is not fully “teched-up” yet. You can’t track your referrals. It is not automatic when we grant the reward. This is why we internally call it “referral hack 1.0”. We want to test this out and then pivot before we commit more resources to make it a step further.

Let us know how you find it?


It’s a bit onerous and perhaps confusing on behalf of a new joiner, but as it’s a first pass I think it suffices.

I do wonder if the time is right, with your £10/pa for life offer ongoing, there’s zero incentive to refer someone as that offer is just so crazy good.

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you mean the new joiner need to open a chat with us and tell us the name of the person who referred them?

they don’t conflict each other, or at least we hope. One can lock in the price AND continue to refer to get extended use-time.

And for those who still don’t want to take up the price offer, one way to keep using the app is to bring more people in.

True, but most people I spoke to just took the offer, as £10 is worth a punt and could be incredibly advantageous on the long term.

Those who did are likely to be your biggest champions as well, but for them there’s little benefit to refer from a monetary perspective - at £10/pa, a month’s free sub for a referral saves me, what, 80pence or so? It’s not worth it.

That doesn’t mean I won’t try, it’s just that referral scheme doesn’t do it for me at a purely financial level.