Profit and loss on portfolio

Can you add Profit and loss on individual portfolio screen? It is a valuable piece of information and would help in managing and tweaking our portfolio

That would be very interesting. We’d need to bring in the end of day pricing, something we are looking at!

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I do not have a clue how the portfolio works. How is the layman meant to work out what to do

We have big plans to change the portfolio section. The users experience isn’t the clearest which slows people down and makes it more confusing than it needs to be.

Additionally we want to give the user the option of transaction portfolios, which basically means just put in how much this holding is worth and we’ll calculate the weights for you.

We wanted the portfolio to give you a health check on your allocation and diversification, this we will be focusing on with the next release of portfolio, right now it’s useful for showing alternative stocks and funds but it needs to be more than that!


I have just started trading on Freetrade(who are Crowdfunding on CC. If you can partner up with them in someways it would be amazing. I use your info before I buy there shares


We’d love to do more partnerships, looking at ways to integrate brokers is something we are doing. Giving people the ability to do their research and then trade with their broker in a seamless way would be fantastic.

All of us here are big fans of Freetrade so hopefully we can work together in the future :crossed_fingers: