Premium Renewal

Hi all, it’s been almost 9 months since I subscribed to Genuine Impact and I plan to continue but the banner in the app was a tad confusing.

If I see this (screenshot below) I start to wonder if you’ve cancelled a plan or I need to take action to renew. I click into pricing to see it will just roll over year by year so all good.

Perhaps just a little banner to say “Your premium subscription will renew in 95 days.” Unless they are not set for auto-renewal or the user is on a trial.

But… I’m really hoping that having dismissed this, I won’t see it take up any screen real estate tomorrow, whatever the size. It’s just not needed in my opinion :slight_smile:

Hi there Jase! Thanks for flagging this - this banner should not appear for Premium users like you, so we will get this fixed asap :rocket:

Thanks for your continuous support :blue_heart:

Your GI Team

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