Poll: which will be the next big tech company to fail? 😰

We’ve seen Blackberry, Tumblr, MySpace, Yahoo, Nokia etc. fall from grace, who will be next?

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tesla
  • Netflix
  • Tencent
  • Alibaba
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Snapchat
  • Microsoft
  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • IBM

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The choices in this poll can’t be edited so if you have other picks, let us know in the replies.

Happy and positive start to the weekend


a bit of necessary caution :smiley:


WeWork would have been too easy, interested to see the final results


Well they might say they’re a tech company but I’m not convinced :grin:


I am guessing snapchat - a sub-scale social network with limited differentiations


I picked Netflix with the top reason that their balance sheet is quite levered. It’s one of very few “tech” companies that expanded with a massive amount of debt.

The other one with similar expansion approach is Tesla.

The rest of the group at the very least have strong balance sheet, evident from the good “financial strength” rankings. So when things go against them, they have levers to pull.

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I am hopeful about Netflix. They got such a huge market share that they are quite entrenched.

They shook up the cable companies and made streaming much cheaper than having a cable TV package. As a result, they have been so successful that everyone wants a slice of the pie.

Friends, the Office and Marvel movies all got removed from Netflix by more traditional players, who are starting their own streaming platforms. Ironically, this is a throwback to the cable TV era, where you needed multiple packages to watch all that you wanted.

For now the golden age of streaming is over. Until cable TV companies realise again that they don’t have the depth and breadth of offering to warrant their own platform that customers will have to pay for, at that stage a neutral player like Netflix will be well positioned.

The only other company I could see compete with them in offering and firepower could be Disney, and perhaps Apple, but the latter would have to throw the kitchen sink at it and will have much higher acquisition costs. Netflix is OS agnostic, so can attack 100% of the market, Apple TV caters more to a much narrower Apple fan base.

Netflix will be in for a rocky ride for five years, but I think they will weather the storm and have a good chance of coming out on top.


If it’s available in UK one day, I would definitely try Disney plus. It has much more content I want to watch than Netflix at this moment.

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It’s HBO for me, they’ve made so many of my favourite shows over the last 10 years. This fragmentation is a shame but it’s just another example of the cycle of bundling and unbundling which Marsares touched on - unbundling in this instance.

Unfortunately these cycles tend to take a while to reverse so we’ll probably have to pick and choose our winners for a while.

I put my vote toward Lyft, the other firms all have their weak links but overall they appear driven and able to adapt. Even Snap which would have been my second choice has shown incredible amounts of resolve and attempts at innovating.

Not to say I would back Snap, but I see it less likely they will vanish before Lyft. Lyft feels like it’s duping other models, their big draw is the attractive progress with self driving cars. I don’t see them building up as strong an ecosystem, they feel more like a supplier to other companies in the future, and with their current shareholders I would expect a buy out of the useful technology and let the rest fade away losing market share.

I’m not expecting bankruptcy in the new few months or even years, but I don’t see a future with Lyft branding. Everyone else I can see fighting for relevancy and opportunities to reinvent themselves, or find a new niche.


I think Lyft’s success is largely dependent on whether Uber goes bust or not. My guess is that a16z knew about the issues at Uber (cultural & perhaps with their business model) and were making a bet that they’d fail, leaving the market open for Lyft to take over.

Lyft obviously has a very different approach to going about their business and they’ve attracted less attention, both good and bad, as a result. But perhaps the more cautious / steady approach will win out in the end?


That’s exactly why I voted Uber


While on the subject of Uber and Lyft


The writing has been on the wall for a while about the gig economy. Sounds like they are pushing to provide better working conditions on “their terms” which is always a stronger position to be in.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this gives support to other nations and has a ripple affect. Be interesting to see what impact this creates on other industries with zero hour contracts and what bargaining power this gives them.

Between Uber and Lyft I still see Uber as the stronger of the two, but losing control of this situation will cause some big changes in how they operate in the US market. Then again in America each state is free to enforce their own laws, I’m guessing this won’t be an overnight change for their businesses and be a local modification, one they can prep in other states and territories if it goes well.

Better protection for gig workers has been coming for a long time, if this only passes in California then it might prove to be a useful testing ground for what new business models work. The best innovator will win!


Controversial :smile:

Snap Extends Gain as No. 1 Internet Stock This Year - Bloomberg

Downloads are up 21% vs last year :man_shrugging:


Wow. Did not see that coming!