Phones don't need to be smart anymore? Carbons for the rich?

  • The hottest phones for the world’s next billion users aren’t made by smartphone leaders Samsung Electronics Co. or Apple Inc. In fact, they aren’t even smartphones

  • Smart feature phones, are one of the mobile-phone industry’s fastest-growing and least-known segments, providing a simple way for some of the world’s poorest people to enter the internet economy

  • While global smartphone sales began sliding last year as markets became saturated, smart feature phone shipments tripled to around 75 million from 2017

• The value of European carbon credits hit a record high as incoming European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen promised environmentally friendly policies including carbon neutrality by 2050, a new EU carbon border tax and a green deal on investment within her first 100 days in office

• Structural reforms to the market, whereby the European Commission has been incrementally reducing the volume of credits on offer at auctions have also contributed to the rise

Either comply or buy credits, is this game only for the big rich companies that can afford?