New Collections in the app 🧺

We’re developing the app to get it ready for the launch and one of the things that we’re working on are the collections that you’ll see on the Dashboard & Scorecard pages.

These are a combination of filters that help you find a group of stocks which match certain criteria.

Here’s what we have now -

We’d love to hear whether the labels are easy to interpret and if there’s any others that we should add? We’ve briefly chatted about this before here too - Which themes do you care about most when investing? - & we’ll add some of the collections that were listed later too.

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We’ve just updated the Collections in the app & we got creative with some of the names this time -


It may work if when you select a filter at the top of the search results there is a paragraph of description.

“Invest like buffet”, what does that mean? Are those quality stock where companies have a defensive most?

“On a roll”, are those high momentum stock?

“FreeTrade universe”, are those all the stocks FreeTrade have on their app?

Quirky names can be fun, but unless there is some sort of descriptor I often find them more misleading.

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Great point!

To add some context, the idea of these collections is to a) give people a quick way to find securities that’re related to popular themes b) help less experienced investors discover those themes.

Right now Collections are a combination of filters & sorting. When you tap into a Collection, you can see which filters have been applied in order to create the collection.

So the ‘Big in the UK’ Collection looks like this.

having to tap into the collection to see that isn’t perfect but hopefully the info’s pretty discoverable.

However we don’t display the sort that’s been applied in that view, which means that when you’re viewing the ‘Invest like Buffett’ Collection, which is sorted by Quality & Value, you have to tap into the filter options to see the sort order.

Displaying the sorting that’s applied to search results / Collections is on our roadmap so that should help.

Looking into the future though, you can imagine a much more sophisticated version of Collections - maybe cards with artwork and as you say, a description of the Collection, perhaps even links to blog posts looking into the theme in more depth. We’ll prioritise that sort of development based on feedback like this :raised_hands:

To answer this question - yes it’s every fund in the Freetrade universe. Sadly we don’t have a way to create a Collection of their stocks yet but if this is a popular Collection we’ll consider adding that too.

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I get the intent, it’s just that some of them aren’t intuitive enough. Going in there and seeing which filters have been applied helps for most, but not for the Warren Buffett one for example.

Having said that, I appreciate its a work in progress and that in the future more filters will become available which will help with clarifying some of the collections. I do think the collections is a great idea, and I would urge you to make a bigger thing out of it.

Evavest is positioning itself as the “Spotify of investing” with a having focus on playlists. Whilst I don’t really believe in Evavest (too little too late), I do think they’re onto something with the concept of playlists, or collections as you call them.


Dear team,

Could I get the access to this release in android, mine is still an old one, and I really want to try it :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


For sure! I’ll just send you a message.

How/when do I get access to the new factor rankings?

Do you mean getting access to the testing version of the app?

Or inside the app, you want to sort the results by new factors such of dividend yield?

Or sth else ?

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