Moneybox 🐖

Moneybox is a robo-advisor that enables users to invest, mainly by rounding up the change from their purchases and setting it aside. They offer Stocks & Shares or Lifetime ISAs, savings accounts and pensions. They have integrations with Monzo, Starling, Santander and others.

They’ve done a really good job of making investing accessible and encouraging people to get into the habit of setting money aside. It’s a shame that their fees are relatively high though, compared to investing directly or with other providers like Nutmeg.

We’ll share product updates and news about them in this thread :point_down:

Yesterday they launched a savings account, in partnership with Investec, offering 1.65% interest but requiring 95 days notice for withdrawals.

It’s a smooth and slick proposition they got, but if you look at the charges most of their target audience should get a heart attack and run for the hills.