Looking For A Portfolio Tracking App

I know you guys are working on adding portfolio functionality into GI, but do people use any particular apps for tracking their portfolios?

So far I have been dabbling with Google Finance in their Sheets and that’s rather useful, but am often out and about and it doesn’t work well.

Has anyone stumbled across a useful app that does portfolio tracking well, or do you generally use what comes with your broker account?

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what specific tools you are looking for? tracking returns, prices, dividends or something more analytical such as diversification?

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The honest answer is, don’t quite know! All of the above i suspect.

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Are there any other particular limitations of the apps that you’ve tried so far or have you only come across Google Sheets? Is there something that you’ve been trying to do but couldn’t?

I just can’t find a good one that allows me to track my gains, splitting it out in capital gains, currency gains and dividend gains, whilst showing fluctuations over time.


That’d be cool but I don’t know of any that can do that either :pensive:

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Does it but app not available in the U.K.


It is unusually hard to do well. BlackRock’s whole Aladdin is doing this and still runs into issues sometimes :frowning:


True portfolio gains and analysis is something you commonly see with adviser solutions (which they strangely don’t always share with the client.) It’s a very painful process that requires a lot of price and corporate action gathering which in turn, a lot of platforms don’t want to pay for. This is why most platforms will give you an averaged book price versus the current price.

I’ve worked on a few solutions to handle gains tracking and breakdown, and it’s a nightmare. The biggest issue is no one can agree on what is most important. e.g. should your book price include all fees incurred in the transaction, personally I think yes but there are schools of thought that say this muddies the water in terms of seeing if you timed the market.

Then we have dividends, it’s incredibility difficult from a brokers perspective to know when incoming cash is a dividend payment or regular cash flow. This normally translates into brokers offering a cash flow view and a transaction view. If you ever see a broker where they offer two views of your activity, it’s normally because of the issues around cash into your custodian account versus trading/corporate action activity. You can map this but if you do automatic dividend reinvesting (I personally recommend you do unless you are in drawdown) it adds another wrinkle.

I’d recommend creating something custom to how you like to see your data. This is one of those situations where customers massively value this service, but outside of selling the data to advertisers and display ads, no one really pays for it. Meaning the data costs to do it properly kill most innovations. The firms that can afford to offer this service, it’s generally lower on the to do list due to complexity and cost.

I’m keen to see the suggestions in this thread! I’ll share any I come across.

Edit: Remembered the name of the new portfolio tracking solution which is been developed currently


With one person full time it does mean I’d expect them to be open to feedback. Seems the focus is on true tracking as well which is nice! I’m going to sign up and see how I find it.


Thanks for the recommendation Alister!
I’m the founder of Holfolio (hell of a month to go full time on a pre-revenue startup!), and as you said always listening for user feedback and suggestions to make the site better.

I’d be happy to answer any questions here you or other users may have.


It may not be the best time, but I’ll sign up to it, Ben!

@HolfolioBen one question, when adding a share it need to be in the local currency. I am using FreeTrade currently, which translates everything back to £.

I bought, for example, some Square shares back in the day, and FreeTrade shows the £ per share, but I have no idea what the $ is, so can’t enter it.

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Ah ok good point. You can leave the price out (its optional), and it will just automatically take the closing price for that day - not a perfect solution but hopefully close enough for now

That’d work, thank you!

Would be good to have a currency conversion that can be backdated, but it’s a minor thing.

Thanks for the request. There’s always a trade off between accuracy and complexity so I’m still trying to find the balance between the two.
Once you’ve added the holdings, you can view them in either your main currency or the currency of the asset i.e. £ or $ for SQ

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That’s good, wasn’t aware of it. To be honest, moving forward it’s a non issue. As long as I add trades in Holfolio when I execute them, it’s easy to find the FX rate and input it into $, even though FreeTrade uses £.

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