Linking to community for stocks

Freetrade do something quite nice, where they link to the community article here on the stock if it is being discussed. If GI could replicate this, it would be useful.

If you take @alister.sneddon post on Tesla, it’s a great collection of articles in the wiki and would be ideal to link to from the app.

I’m not sure how this is achieved at scale but I know there was some plugin or something that allows you to search Discourse (this community forum software) and retrieve a weighted result (most popular topic or topic which matches the search term the most) and return the URL? I think anyway.

It would be ideal to put the hard work to good use.


Thanks for the suggestion! Like Freetrade, it might be a while before we do this sort of integration, as we’re focused on developing the core functionality of the app at the moment but this would be very cool!

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Thank you @alexs

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