Investing books / podcasts / blogs / news

I’d love to hear your recommendations for the books / podcasts / blogs / news sources etc. for investing, aside from Genuine Impact of course :wink:

To kick this off, I’m a big fan of Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. I wasn’t familiar with high frequency trading before I read it & there’s some pretty eye opening stuff going on :eyes:

Also, if you’re interested in startups, tech or investing, a16z’s podcast is easily one of the most insightful!

Once we have enough recommendations from our community, we’ll put a collection together for every Genuine Impact customer to use :books:


I myself am a big Youtube fan when it comes to thoughtful investing videos and interviews:

All the wisdom by the guru:

And all the interviews done by David Rubenstein, founder of Carlyle with business executives. They are not strictly investing videos, but they are great wisdom, like this one with Bezos:

And this one with Masayoshi Son


The best how-to introduction I’ve read was trading for a living. The book has been released and updated (originally the book took you through plotting your own technical charts!)

The New Trading for a Living: Psychology, Discipline, Trading Tools and Systems, Risk Control, Trade Management

It’s a bit blunt at times but a great education in understanding the emotions involved in trading and trying to keep yourself logical.

In terms of daily news I enjoy reading Finimize < That link includes my referral code, feel free to sign up on their site if you prefer. It’s two interesting financial news stories a day. Some days the content is more interesting to me personally than others, however it makes for some interesting chat in the office.

I’m a fan of Reddit too, I follow a few subreddits around stock markets, finance, algo-trading etc. However, I find they are very much based on personal preference. I like r/algotrading, r/investing, and r/stockmarket.


Totally agree about Finimize, clear and concise news and analysis


Do you or will you pay for their packs?

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I enjoy the emails but they are very basic with the information they give. I worry that I would pay for the packs and they wouldn’t go into as much depth as I want. But that’s without actually having looked into it so probably completely unfair on them


I think this is fair. Tried some of their packs before but some of them are not informative enough. And if you browse a lot of Investopedia, you can find more or less what you need from their packs. Having said that, they are doubling down their packs and audio to make the packs more fun to read.

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Continuing the theme of YouTube videos, I’m a big fan of Ray Dalio’s channel. For example:


This reminds me of two other big figures I watch a lot in investing:

Stanley Druckenmiller’s approach to analyse markets, more of a macro tilt:

And how Bill Ackman analysed companies. Despite being utterly wrong sometimes, his thought process is just one of those I wish I could have. His interview with Charlie Rose:

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I’m not a short-term trader but I do find it fascinating so listen to a few different podcasts such as

  • Chat with traders is a series of interviews with traders that use all different styles and trade different asset classes
  • Trader Cobb is an Aussie former day trader turned Crypto trader. He covers a lot of new exchanges and developments in the field of Cryptocurrency
  • More of a longer-term investment focused podcast is Invest Like the Best. It is largely US-focused but is a series of interviews with different investors that cover almost all the investment styles and asset classes you can imagine, including hedge fund and private equity managers, so is a good way to expand your investment horizons

In terms of books I quite like

  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel. It basically advocates investing in passive index ETFs. I don’t agree with some of the reasoning, but it is probably worth reading before starting off in investing, so at least you are aware of the potential pitfalls you may face!
  • Crashed by Adam Tooze. More of a focus on what caused the GFC. Again, I don’t agree with everything he says, but insightful nonetheless, especially in the current climate

this book never dies, so may the man himself

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Just watched this interview of Ron Baron:

His firm claims to beat S&P for almost 30 years in a row.

And he himself is a big Tesla bull.

Thanks for this topic. As a newbie i’m always trying to find sources of information that are valued by people who are actually knowledgeable in this field. I have started listening to the odd podcast of Investors Chronicle on Spotify when driving. It was the first one that came up when I searched investment. I’ve no idea if they are worth me listening to but so far it has been useful for me to hear how someone else analyses an actual operating company in respect to investing.


Interesting point you raised: do you prefer to read about investments related content or listen to?

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I’ve read more than I’ve listened to so far but find listening easier to fit in around doing other things. I like listening because it can be going on in the background whilst I’m doing something else and I pick up what the broadcaster is emphasizing better.

I also fall asleep too quickly when reading!


Two podcasts I really like, more about the macro market though: