India bans vaping

Interesting development. I wonder whether this will ripple further afield into other countries who may follow suit.

There is also emerging evidence around negative health effects of vaping, although it seems all-in-all less damaging to your health compared to old fashioned cigarettes.

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It’s the cheap custom refills that seem to be the main problem. The deaths in the USA seem to be linked to vitamin e and cannabis oils being included.

As a way to quit smoking, with regulated refills, it appears to be much safer. But long term it’s unknown

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There’s been a similar backlash in China. I’m quite surprised though to be honest, given that the cause of the deaths hasn’t been proved yet & the relatively high proportion of people who die due to smoking every year.

I just looked it up and China has a 40% tax on cigarettes and India has a 78% tax

I’m sure it’s not connected :no_mouth:


You might just be onto something there..

A state-owned monopoly, China National Tobacco, dominates the market. It accounted for the majority of the estimated 2.4 trillion combustible cigarettes sold last year, according to WHO.

quote from the same story


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Health effects related to vaping appear to be related to products containing THC

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