How to keep tracking of earning dates?

A lot of companies are having earnings this week, but apart from some of the really big ones that hit the headlines in advance (your Apples and Teslas of the world), I struggle to keep on top of when companies are about to have their earnings.
How does everyone here keep track of the dates of earnings?


There are a few good resources for seeing the dividend calendar of the market generally.

For individual holdings I normally get the RNS, but don’t try to game the predictions too much. Lots of risk around understanding what is and isn’t “priced in” e.g. Netflix have amazing results and see a dip as everyone expected strong results anyway so any normal news was disappointing.

For earnings calendars I suggest these sites.

The important bit being if they beat or miss the revenue and EPS estimates (which is in the app for handy reference!)


Great, thanks for the links, I’ll check them out!