Help us test the new beta app

More than happy to check out the new App :wink:


Just signed up as well.


Thanks! :pray:

I would love to.


Awesome! Could you please register by filling in the form at the top of the thread and we’ll get you set up as soon as we start testing the app.

Not sure what I have to do but just signed up. Anything to help.

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Thanks a lot! You’re all set, we’ll be in touch as soon as the beta app’s ready to go.

Just a quick update - we’ve invited a small group of people who registered to start testing the new app today.

If everything goes smoothly, we’ll invite everyone else who’s registered within the next few days :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the update Alex! Hope it goes really well.


Had a very brief play as I am still at work. All in all, the app looks gorgeous! Some odd things happen on an iPhone X, most notably that the speedometers seem out of kilter - ie the dial often sits to the right or the bottom of the circle.

One main concern is that all the stats about stocks and ETFs are relative. I know this helps with ranking and filtering, but I wonder if it has gone too far at times.

For example, “historical return 52 weeks” may state “very weak”, but at times I’d just like to know the absolute %, or better yet show me the stock performance chart. The same with “stock price volatility”, “very weak” may mean something but perhaps I just want to see how volatile it is in a graph.

Some of the headers may need some pop-up explanation - “stock beta”, I think I know what it means but I am not sure.

Some other odd things, in a stock details view, you have three boxes for quality, value and momentum with underneath each of them three metrics, yet each of those coloured boxes is labelled “quality”.

Under each stock in stock details I’d be nice to have a newsfeed with recent news about that stock or fund.

What do the golden “shields” mean around some of the quality, value, momentum boxes?

I’d be good to have sophisticated filters - which stocks have gained most in momentum the last three months? Just an example, but that sort of stuff.


Thanks! :blush:

Yes this is the sort of bug that we’re working on fixing during the testing phase, if you spot any more, please do drop us a message in the chat & let us know? That way we can quickly ask for more details, if necessary and update you when the issue’s fixed :raised_hands:

These are both great points, we have some plans to make improvements to this in the future, as we build on this initial functionality.

I wouldn’t know either without checking! We’ll add more tooltips soon.

Another change that we’ll make during the testing phase :+1:

Could you create a post in the #ideas category for this? It’d be great to see how many people want it, by letting everyone vote for the request.

These are the securities that’re in the top 20% of the securities that match the criteria for the list that you’re viewing. We’ll come up with a way to make this more obvious too.

Thanks for the suggestion, could you create an #ideas post for this too?

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Not sure if this is on the roadmap, but it’d be nice to have a portfolio functionality as well where you can load all your stocks/funds, with how many shares you have, and then see how your portfolio as a whole performs, where you are exposed, etc.

I’d suspect something for further down the line once you got the core functionality done.


Your suspicion is well grounded :slight_smile:


Here’s a preview of what that feature will look like :smile:


Would love to test out the app on iOS if the Beta is still open :slight_smile:


Great! The invite should be in your inbox :grinning:


Hiya, registered to help out, if I can but have had no notification of test. Is it still available to test. Not tech savvy but might find something however small or simple. I run Samsung phone and also have iPad.

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Thanks for the info, yes the app’s still available to test. I’ve just sent you an email with some details about how to get set up.

Hey there, new member here and well done to you guys for such a great platform already. Would love to be part of the testing - I’ve already submitted my details on the google form :slight_smile:

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Thanks for volunteering! I’ve just got you (& everyone else who registered over the holidays) set up :incoming_envelope: