Growth update 4th week of July: Expansion of Stock Universe!

In the past week at Genuine Impact, we implemented an expansion of the stock universe in our ranking! :rocket:


We started to include companies between $300mn market cap to $1bn market cap. The previous cut-off we used was $1bn. This answered to many of our users’ demand to see how the smaller companies rank in our global universe. so here you go! :golf:

This adds another 1,200 stocks to our stock universe, which now stands at 5,000 stocks in total.

To put them in visuals…

More than 2,500 U.S stocks! :us:


Breakdown by GICS Sector

Breakdown by Stock Exchanges :moneybag:

Breakdown by GICS Industry (one level below GICS Sector)

Breakdown by GICS sub-industry

What’s next

Expansion of the fund universe in our ranking
An updated product roadmap on Trello
New design :heart_eyes:

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