Growth Update: 3rd week of July

We are initiating our Weekly Growth series, where we share what’s going on within our business in the past week.

There are a few places to post updates like this, such as LinkedIn, Medium and our own forum here. We are still experimenting the best place to host our Weekly Growth updates. Tell us where you’d prefer to read these sorts of growth updates?

For this week’s update, we are posting it on our Medium site to start with.


I personally would prefer it here on this forum. So I know I only have to go to one place to find everything. Call it lazy, but I call it efficient :wink:


We heard you!

Maybe we just need to be channel agnostic and post it everywhere possible so readers can always find it no matter which their preferred channel is


I would prefer here also,I was wondyif you could tell me what company’s are in the top 10 of genuine impact charts??

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You mean top sources where we get the charts from?


like this chart,does it mean that Plus500 and Aviva are the best company’s to invest in? at position 2 and 3

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The purpose of the ranking table points you to which stocks you may want to spend more time following and researching. It does not guarantee positive returns.

We rank financial metrics on three factors of quality, value and momentum. The simply logic is that you should focus more on companies that are well run, attractively valued and are showing stronger operating momentum than market expectations.

And to think for the long term, one should have a diversified portfolio of companies that are exposed to all three factors instead of just one of them. We are designed for long term investors. Put in another words, one should not just buy and sell based on the ranking straightaway.

Short answer is no, they don’t represent the “best” companies. But you might want to pay more attention to them in your research.

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