Growth Update 2nd Week of August: Expansion of Fund Universe 🚀

In the past week, we implemented a major upgrade on our product offering: expanding the fund ranking universe from previous 5,000 funds to now 18,000!


Currently, our fund ranking universe includes:

  1. funds available for sale in U.K and U.S; this remains the same vs. before
  2. no minimum requirement for the fund size anymore; previously it was $500M
  3. fund age now >1 year; previously it was > 5 years track record

Some useful graphics to slice and dice our fund ranking universe :point_down:

Fund Universe

Asset Universe

  • We have 4 universes of assets: Equity, Fixed Income, Multi-asset and Alternatives.

Fund by Sector-focus

  • This is super interesting data point in our point view. One can choose now which sector fund they wish to research more on.

Fund by Theme

  • Similar to sector-focus, we will start to introduce the theme that a fund is exposed to. Income theme rocks it on the list!

Let us know what themes we are missing??? :thinking::question:

Finally, fund by Georgraphical Focus


Head to the App now and check them out!



With “themes”, the biggest category is “income” - what do you mean with that?

I’d like to able to differentiate between growth and dividend funds.

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We have something separately called “fund managing style”: growth, value, blend, large cap, small cap etc.

Our decision on treating “dividend” is to put it under “fund theme” and call it “income” in general.

Short answer is yes, we can add “growth” into “fund theme” as well. It is just a matter of mapping stuff on our side.

Suggestion taken will implement :smiley:

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Just done the mapping here: about 1,200 funds fit into the “growth” category.

How we did it?

A fund should either say that in their filing or on its name for us to capture that. Otherwise, we are not able to label them, unless users flag individual case to us directly.

That would work beautifully. It’s just that investors are often split in the “growth” or “income” camp. Some like to take a punt on stocks with growth potential, others are more cautious and go for dividend based stocks. Or a blend of both.

Thanks, that’ll help massively


Completely agree. Thanks for the suggestion!

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