Growth Update 1st Week of August: Open Roadmap Live! πŸ”­

After we finalized the Crowdcube raise, the team has been busy planning for the next 12 months. One priority is to set up an open plan for our users and investors to clearly and transparently know what they should expect.

Today we are announcing it, our Open Roadmap! :telescope:

Please visit Trello here:

You can either vote and comment on Trello, or here on the forum to let us know what you think. :thinking:



There is a lot to look forward to. Love it!


Thanks @Marsares! Tell us what you think

It looks like there’s a lot to do! How are you thinking about prioritisation, or are you planning to include all of the listed features and functionalities in version 2.0?

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it follows the order from left to right, top to bottom in terms of priority.

as you can see, a good number of tickets are related to security ranking and portfolio, and they can be shipped in one go in bulks.

some standalone items such as sell-side research and broker account integration will be shipped separately.

as we develop, we will firm up what will 2.0 exactly entails. current estimate is that 2.0 should have a good 70% or so of this 12M roadmap.