GI Web version


Just signed up for GI.
I would like to know if you have plans for web version?


Hi :wave: At the moment we’re focused on developing our mobile app so a web interface isn’t a concrete part of our plans. But it’s something that we’ll consider in the future. Is there anything in particular that you’d like to see in a web version?

And for anyone else who reads this - please add your vote to the topic if you’d like us to prioritize this.

Nothing specific at the moment, personally I prefer web version for any single-use that lasts over 5mins of screen time.


Impressive :+1: we have webui now


Wish full version comes to web with all bells and whistles.


Yes that’ll be great! And it’s still very much on our roadmap.

In the meantime, building this version using Notion enabled us to launch a beta version quickly and start collecting feedback. We’ve shared more about why we did this (& how) here -


I really like it. Much easier to look at a big table of data than on your phone, so helps me with filtering.

One thing is that I noticed it’s broken down by sector, and then industry - eg healthcare and then within there biotech.

Yet in the app I can’t go down to industry level, however, as I love biotech I would like to filter to that degree in the app. Can that not be done or am I overlooking something?


Well spotted, you’re right that you can’t filter by industry at the moment, although the industry is displayed at the bottom of each stock’s page. We can add that to our list of future enhancements.

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Please do, as often sectors are bearish but some industries within there are bullish.

As an example, consumers stables is bearish at the moment, but grocery within there has some select bullish stocks.

It would be easier to find them.

By the way, hadn’t noticed the “turnarounds” filter before, but that is so my investment style. Thanks for that!!


Love it, it’s self-explanatory, frictionless, sleek, I personally can’t tell you guys built this in such a short timeframe. Congratulations.

Wondering if it would be possible for users to create one’s own filter (beyond the great collection themes and the search box).
I may want to filter “very cheap” + “financials” + “UK” for instance.
Sorry if this is a noob question but I didn’t find how this can be achieve within the beta version


Thanks for the feedback! We will discuss that to see how to make it happen, if at all possible. Doing this on a third party site (in this case Notion) has restrictions with it, despite the positive benefit of building it fast.