Fund breakdowns

Does anyone have any advice around accessing the information of what stocks a fund has invested in? I asked on Freetrade but it’s not as useful as I hoped.

I understand twice a year this must be collated and most funds will not publish it but will provide on request under regulations. But that was a page from 2018.

Someone else suggested sites like Morning Star could be used but it’s not always guaranteed.

Essentially what is the best way of finding out what stocks a fund invests in? I’m simply wishing to avoid duplication where I can :slight_smile:

The best place is their investor relations webpage and documents. You’re not going to get any further 3rd party infrom from Morning Star other than what the fund managers have published and disclosed themselves.

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Hi! You can use a couple of different features on the Genuine Impact app to keep an eye on this.
Top 10 holdings - you can access this on any fund’s page by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. It shows the top 10 holdings that fund is investing in.
Top Holdings Inspector - you can access this on the Portfolio tab. It works out the %s of the top companies in your portfolio, so you can see exactly which companies you and your funds invest in. We’ll actually be posting a full explanation video of this feature on our Instagram later today if you’re curious!
Top Holdings in These Funds - you can access this from a stock’s page. It shows which funds invest in the stock you’re browsing.

Hope that all helps!

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@mollylongden - Molly, firstly let me welcome you to the community since it’s your first post :slight_smile:

Thank you for this, it’s really helpful to know and it’s exciting that there are still features I didn’t know about within the app!

Thanks Jason :slight_smile:

We have a few exciting updates to come! Our Instagram is the best resource for features - we’ve been posting detailed tutorial videos of our features there.

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Thank you. I have no socials but will look if it’s public and take a watch.

Hi Jase! We actually just published our brand new feature guide today. It has a complete list of our features including descriptions and videos. Hope that you’ll find it useful, and do share with others!

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Brilliant Molly!